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Published on 21/07/2019
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If there is one Eurodance Party song that you shouldn’t forget then its this one by Masterboy. Keep On Dancing came in 1991 at a time when Masterboy started their popularity. It had this house vibe still but now their Eurodance side of the band became more and more clear.

Keep On Dancing moved the world in 1991

A very nice tune by one of the best Eurodance bands ever. It is clever as it is smart. It makes toes, hips and everyone’s bodies wanting to move on the dancefloor. Masterboy was a Eurodance group that was formed by Tommy Schleh and Enrico Zabler. They met at a club in London, United Kingdom. The club name was “The Legends”.  We don’t know if the club is still alive, but after searching for it. We think we have something. But without having anything correct we decide to leave it.

The very first album that Masterboy released came out in 1991 and was titled Masterboy Family. That album made people love Masterboys Eurodance style of the 90s and so in 1993, they could get a full strike with their Everybody Needs Somebody tune which became a humongous hit at that time.

What do you think of Masterboy? Did they do an impression on you? If you have something to say, comment!

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