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Published on 21/07/2019
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Masterboy was a huge Eurodance group in the 90s. They ruled the scene and this song is no exception to it. But our question regarding this tune is the music video itself? What did they want to tell the viewers?

Anybody is a Huge Eurodance tune by Masterboy

This song is really powerful. It got the speed and the correct rhythm going on through the whole song. But what we question is the music video itself? It doesn’t give the same level feeling as the song is. We share it so you can see it or just listen to the song which we think is brilliant. It took the Eurodance genre to a new level.

Masterboy made music between 1990 and is still active with remixes even today. This tune was released in 1995 and it consists of 17 versions of it. This hit didn’t reach the levels of Everybody Needs Somebody tune and is mostly forgotten because of the not so good music video that was released with it. In 1995 most people had MTV to rely on and they were good at broadcasting interesting music videos at that time. But this one fell thru which is sad.

Comeback in 2007 for Masterboy,… or?

It took time since 2001 before Masterboy woke up again. First, they were supposed to do a comeback in 2007 but this didn’t happen until the 16th of November 2013! Then the original team consisting of Tommy, Trixi and Enrico performed once again after 17 years of absence in Mannheim, Germany.

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Tommy said in an interview after the show in Mannheim, Germany that they as a Eurodance group got more than 60 requests for performances from all around the world. They also revealed that Masterboy will focus on singing all of their big hits into nowadays music style. Generally, the new Masterboy wants to present their music as all fans know it. But we at Muuuzic thinks that they should bring new Eurodance tracks to fans also.

What do you think about this Eurodance tune?

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