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Published on 29/03/2017
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If you worry about the world, then listen to this song. 20 years ago it seemed like people were way happier in Europe. This song has an important message that we still struggle to do in 2017. When will our world be United? When will we respect each other?

Maybe One Day We Will Be United?

Maybe One Day We Will Be United? For our children, for the sake of the world? That would have been a very nice thing too for all humans in the world. All kinds of humans should get the deserved respect that they need. There is no need for humans to act like animals or insects. We all have minds that can think and when we realize that we actually can be united. Then we can say that we are united.

The world needs more songs like this now. In the times when this type of music was popular, it made people respect each other more and more. Boney M did this too way back, however, Eurodance became an uplifting music genre that is still loved by thousands. However, lots of music today feels like its made without feelings. Back in the 1990s managed to create feelings and that’s what many see in this kind of music in 2017.

Many of those that have commented on YouTube in this video says that they want to have the 90s back now because of all the stress that people have these days.

So, Muuuzic tip is to listen more to music that makes you happy. That lifts you up emotionally and that gives a great message with a fantastic beat. It is also interesting to know that this song is from the 1990s! Someone should have made a similar song today for sure.

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Maybe One Day We Will Be United and Marky Mark does this song incredibly well! What do you think?

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