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Published on 28/12/2017
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Major T. simply nails the Eurodance genre. This beautiful Eurodance music that should have become much more loved. This Eurodance track just simply takes this music genre to the next level. Its just pure extravaganza for Eurodance lovers.

Keep The Frequency Clear song is a powerful song by Major T. and shows great a Eurodance song can be but no one seems to make music like this anymore. Muuuzic is here to keep the frequency clear for sure. This is for sure one of the best Eurodance ever nice voice, a little erotic too but not too many types of track. It’s perfect in every way!

A very nice Major T. Eurodance track song

People have lots of different words regarding this song. The video also got elements from other Eurodance groups. But it’s not that what makes this very nice Eurodance track so special. It is the voice, rhythm, and beats that create this masterpiece which too few know about. Eurodance was at its highest popularity in the 90s when times were much more uplifting and so this song was created at that time.

Can you stop the repeat button on this one?… No, you won’t be able to do so if you love this genre. This song is complete. It is really showing all the best sides of Eurodance as an attractive music genre. This is a valuable song in every direction. It’s genuine and takes you to an unknown destiny in a totally different dimension. Just close your eyes and your body will have an enormous astonishing and urgent will to heal itself.

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Major T. will never be forgotten by us. He’s legendary beats will always be remembered by Muuuzic and hope you also see the quality that he made back in the great Eurodance times.


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Major T. with Keep The Frequency Clear
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