Night Of The Raven is from 1997. It is one of the later songs from Magic Affair. We will slowly get all of the Magic Affair songs back to Muuuzic. Until then we will build up the database bit by bit. Unlike many Eurodance groups that went under. Magic Affair sort of still exists today. Break These Chains, Fly Away, Stigmata and Hear The Voices were all released after 1997 until as late as 2014.

Magic Affair is one of the biggest German Eurodance bands projects that was formed in Frankfurt, Germany in 1993. It was created by music producer Mike Staab, the German singer Franca Morgano and American rapper Burnell Keith Herring (A.K. Swift) fronted the project in the early stages. Magic Affair is best known in Europe for the hit singles “Omen III”, “Give Me All Your Love” and “In the Middle of the Night” and the album Omen (The Story Continues…).

To date, the project has sold 2.5 million records in Germany and over 8 million records worldwide.

Awesome Remix Released in 2008

This awesome remix was released in 2008. It was part of 3 CD’s release. It was quite successful. Such quality of Eurodance that Magic Affair have been producing is remarkable and should be known. They made me dance then and my hips still dance today.

Compilations from Magic Affair
Remixcollection I. 1993-1994 ‎(20xFile, WAV, Comp)NosferatuNOS 003-X2008
Remixcollection II. 1995-1996 ‎(21xFile, WAV, Comp)NosferatuNOS 004-X2008
Remixcollection III. 1996-1998 ‎(21xFile, WAV, Comp)NosferatuNOS 005-X2008

Our focus on Eurodance will always stand because this is one of the biggest influencal Eurodance groups ever. Serious, right beat, great rap and amazing female voices mixed together. This is what Eurodance is. They have never changed for the worse too. Which is genius. All Eurodance groups that have kept their style until now will get a Muuuzic Medal in December 2020. Magic Affair is for sure a good candidate to be nominated.

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