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Published on 03/06/2019
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If there is one song that Magic Affair should be known for then it is this one. This Eurodance tune is so amazing from beginning to end. It got all the Eurodance elements right… it is deep, it is uplifting and it is powerful.

Great Magic Affair tune from 1993

Give Me All Your Love is a typical Eurodance track that came out before the Eurodance fall which Aqua sort of ended in 1997. They came in with Barbie Girl song which was humongously popular everywhere and when that popularity ended. Many people moved away from Eurodance. Many even thought of the genre as too childish thanks to Aqua.

This tune came out before the Eurodance fall so it’s still serious. It took the Eurodance genre about 3-4  years to recover from the Aqua hype. But then trance came in and took the genre further. I am glad that we can still keep sharing tracks that you should know about that came out before the Eurodance fall.

Nice tunes released after 1996 too

Even though Aqua was going to move things. Before 1997, Magic Affair released a new single in 1996 that also became a huge hit. The name of the song is Energy of Light. This Eurodance hit was released in January. Then World of Freedom (released in May) and “The Rhythm Makes You Wanna Dance” was released in September 1996.

Hope you enjoy this track! We do!

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