Livin’ Joy with Don’t Stop Movin’ proved in 1995 that House Eurodance still got lots of energy. This tune is so full of energy from start to end. From the moment the beats hits you the song reveals energy. The piano synth is so amazing I think and her voice is beyond good.

Background Info about Livin’ Joy

Livin’ Joy was a humongous popular Italian House project of these amazing musicians such as Gianni Visnadi and Paolo Visnadi.

Livin’ Joy’s first single was named “Dreamer” and it featured the voice of vocalist Janice Robinson. It was released back in 1994, and the record became a hit the following year. Unable to reach a deal with Janice Robinson for the follow-up single (and subsequent album), she was replaced by Doris Diggs AKA Tameka Starr.

Never replace an angel! Never!

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