Let the Spirit Of The Hawk tune take your mind Far Away04:09

Published on 29/03/2017
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Rednex is one of the most known country-techno groups. But did you know about this song? It is very spiritual and shows Indians a lot. Its a song with spirit and quite different from the Rednex list of songs. We love it and hopes that you might too? It is for sure a song that manages to take you far away. Let this guide you.

This song is part of a group that came and before you knew it they were gone kind of groups? I have always wondered how they managed to create that single 15 minutes of fame and yet not be able to sustain it thereafter.

It is from this understanding that we can realize the hard work for those artists who have lasted now decades into the industry and can still manage to churn up hit after hit like Elton John, Bob Dylan, The Rolling Stones, Eric Clapton to name just a few.

Rednex was a group that did a huge impact on people across the globe. But they also produced songs like this one which never took of yet they mean a lot to the evolvement of music.

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