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Published on 27/08/2018
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Fantastic song by Leila K. This artist had such big potential for sure. All of her songs is so full energy and well made. But life changed her. She should have kept doing Eurodance! We think! We do have some hopes still to see her performing again though. You did a lot for Eurodance with Electric!

Max Martin and Denniz Pop changed Eurodance genre a lot

These music producers made Eurodance even greater. With artists like Dr Alban, La Cream and Leila K. Denniz Pop did a lot for the Eurodance genre. He spiced it up with Swedish magic for sure.

Jessica Folcker also add a electric addition to this song. Her voice is sooo strong and beautiful. She made her own solo album later, but here with Leila K she really shows that she can sing! Both Leila K and Jessice makes this to a extravaganza song that everyone with a Eurodance heart will love. Swedish Eurodance that is!

Leila K’s insanity made her an Musical icon its hard to Forget

There’s a fine line between genius and insanity in her performance. Leila K is a bit of both. She got a Unique voice control and charisma blended with diva personality. The insecurity of a mental instable drug addict made her loose it totally in the end, but we still love her. Now, thats magic, isn’t it?

We at Muuuzic Love her, and what she is capable of producing with her voice and music. Sadly Sweden wasn’t ready for her at the time. She was more seen as a freakshow than a real artist.

Her habit of suing everybody she worked with led to blacklisting in the industry. She tried to do comeback. Her attempt was a killer (voice on the track “Legendary” by Wallenberg) her destiny is however a sad chapter and she was for a time even out on the streets of Stockholm homeless, broke and left out for sensation-seeking journalists. But now it seems she is coming back. We hope so. Leila K seems to be a lady full of fire and Electric song is no exception.

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