La Cream with Free gives true Nostalgia Dance Vibes03:35

Published on 14/08/2017
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La Cream was every nerds hottest lady in 1998 here in Scandinavia. Her name is Tess Mattisson, from Sweden and she managed to make only one album with the La Cream title. Later she pursued a solo career. She had some of her more interesting concerts at The Gathering in Hamar, Norway which was one of the biggest computer parties at that time in the world. Her sexy look and the way her musicvideos were made to gain interest in her music. Focused a lot on her! But the music wasn’t bad neither. The famous Dr. Alban helped making it etc. So the beats were pretty cool when Sound and Vision album was released in 1998.

We love everything that Dr. Alban and Tess makes! More co-operations in the future? Also we miss the Scandinavian music and entertainment channel Z-TV!

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