This is an awesome Music video by La Bouche performing You Won’t Forget Me that got released back in 1998. It is one of the older Eurodance tracks from La Bouche but the quality is so good! This is what we call Eurodance. This video shows everything what it is and I love that.

Angel that didn’t deserve to become a victim of Crossair Flight 3597

Melanie Thornton is not among us anymore. She have been in our hearts since the Crossair Flight 3597 event that took your life in 2001. Your close fans will never forget you. On 24 November 2001, the Crossair Avro RJ100 operating the route, registration HB-IXM, crashed into a wooded range of hills near Bassersdorf and caught fire, killing 24 of the 33 people on board. She was one of them that didn’t make it from it.


La Bouche (French for “The Mouth”) is a German-American electronic dance music duo act that is best known for the dance hits such as “Be My Lover“, “Sweet Dreams“, “You Won’t Forget Me” which you can see and hear here and also “Tonight is the Night” was huge.

Your voice will always stay in my heart. You deserve all the best where you are now. You spirit is strong. Melanie will always be remembered and so we bring this tune to you.