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Published on 15/06/2019
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At the end of the 80’s when Eurodance was born. House dance genre also appeared for a small time but was forgotten way too quickly. But we at Muuuzic site makes sure that no one forgets it.

Perfect dance music by Krush

This song was released in 1987. It is for sure one of the earliest type of Eurodance tracks even though many will say this is House. It is incredibly well made we think. The rhythm is perfect, the singing is uplifting and I just want to move.

This is a very interesting release by Krush! This track is a commercial British house type of song that was made in the same era of our time. Krush is a house band that used the cut & paste method of samples (‘Bug on out’ – Whistles ‘Nothing Serious – Only Buggin”) not dissimilar to early Bomb The Bass and S-Express tracks.

Also, a nice note is that this track uses a female vocal for chorus and for the bassline? A Minimoog synth. This is a Classic track… with great production value and the great representation of the first commercial explosion of acid house dance music is for sure heard in this awesome tune.

Long lost memories of hearing this as a kid coming back

This genre is almost forgotten. House mainstream at the end of the ’80s moved towards Eurodance for many groups. But most important is that the uplifting singing and tone is what moved House dance forward. This is what we call music and you really need a great Hi-Fi receiver or rack to get the best feeling from this song as almost any types of songs from the very same time.

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Muuuzic have put this up on our site because its such a song that tells anyone about the history of Eurodance and how it evolved thru the years.

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