Key Motion with No Chance is a Xtravaganza Eurodance track that Never gets old04:55

Published on 27/08/2018
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Not much info about Key Motion. But they seem to have released some very quality Eurodance tracks back in time. It seems to us at Muuuzic that they were most active in the Eurodance era between 1994 and 1995 with a small comeback try in 2004.

German Eurodance group that made No Chance which is a Brilliant track

The musical team consists of R. R. Johnson, V. Franke and C. Thielen as found on eurokdj site.

The singles were produced by Musical Impulse and released by Seven Worlds Records, Germany.

The vocals on Automatic Love were done by R. R. Johnson, C. Johnson and S. Hagl. This was a cover of a disco track originally released in 1978 by Dee D. Jackson, already covered in the beginning of the 90s by Friends Of Mathew in their single Out There and later by the eurodance project Entropya in their single Mind Cables. There was also a remixes CD including a Mellow mix and a Gatorate mix (made by Toni Catania and Ingo Kay).

The vocals on Let The Music were done by R. R. Johnson and Kim Carrea, it was released in 1994.

2004 : Jay-Jay Johanson released a new version of Automatic Lover.

This is one of the German Eurodance groups that came and went. Key Motion made amazing Eurodance tracks and then they were gone. Little info to find about them on-line and I haven’t been able to find a musicvideo. So, if someone knows if they managed to make one. Please send a note to post at distrita dot com!

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Including this track, Key Motion is also known for bringing a very unique and emotional track that is named Automatic Love. It’s produced in 1993 some comment, but the official release was on 14th of March 1994. Key Motion was for sure pretty cool and unique Eurodance group that would be nice to have way bigger knowledge around the world. And that’s what we at Muuuzic hopes to do by spreading Eurodance everywhere!


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