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Published on 27/10/2019
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In this year’s Eurovision Song Contest, KEiiNO from Norway added a very nice Eurodance inspired song tune. Spirit in the Sky added some really cool dance moves and Sami traditional singing to the world’s biggest song contest.

Dancing in the Smoke by KEiiNO is really valuable

In this song, it seems like KEiiNO is taking their dancing music further. All of the members in this Eurodance 2019 band are making our world on fire for sure with positive vibes everywhere with keeping the traditional Sami singing following all of their songs.

We are sure that people will be dancing in the smoke and keep the life spirit help to survive every day. KEiiNO is the dance band that the world needs now. Maybe they can heal our world by making people start to dance again. Eurodance genre was the uniting music genre in the 1990s and now at the end of 2019, the world seems to need this spirit to return. The world should have flying cars and our settlement on Mars should have happened. But instead, we keep on fighting with each other.

All the info you should know about Dancing in the Smoke

Video by PG Fordal
Additional footage by Arild Karlsen
Drone photo by Bjørn Granberg
Produced by Fredrik Wold-Hansen
Hair: StudioAlf Grensen
Locations: Songsvann and Bjørvika (Oslo), Trollfoss (Telemark), Varhaug and Byrkjedal (Rogaland)
Dancers: Thea Lund & Bendik Sundby
Violin: Ingrid Berg Mehus
Car: Renault Zoe

Dancing in the Smoke is written by: Alexandra Rotan, Jonas Körper, Fred Buljo, Ash Hicklin & Tom Hugo
Produced by Rüdiger Schramm / Jonas Körper
Mixed by Christer André Cederberg
Mastered by Chris Gehringer
Label: Hugoworld AS
Published by BMG Rights, Hit My Heart Songs, Boyfromthebeach, Hugoworld

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So now we hope that you are hyped enough. This song deserves to be played everywhere. We hope you like it… Because we do!

Source: KEiiNO on YouTube

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