K2 with Der Berg Ruft is one of the best Weirdest Eurodance tracks Ever03:34

Published on 14/06/2018
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Germany is one of the biggest Eurodance music producer in the world. K2 is no exception to this music. But this group really moved Eurodance to a new level. Here you have techno, polka, dance and mixed with hot girls singing. The song changes rythm several times during the song too. Someone calls this Eurotrash even, but it is done in the typical Eurodance way. So, let’s just look at it as that.

K2 mixes German and English too in this song. Der Berg Ruft album that they released was a huge hit and so Muuuzic brings it back to you so you experience it once again. This is unique Eurodance! Its music that should never be forgotten. Because its so crazy and unique. Perfect for the Weeekend party too!


Source: muuuzic own experience

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