Marta Simlat, known as J.K. (born January 2, 1970) is a Polish model and Eurodance singer who had way too underrated success in the mid to late 90s. Here is her You and I from 1994 that is such a sexy and powerful Eurodance tune. This tune deserves way more ears and fans for sure!

Interesting info about J.K. that You should Know

Not all of models can sing, but Marta can. She is called by many in the Eurodance community as the Eurodance diva.

J.K. was a Eurodance project, which was brought to life by the Italian producer Larry Pignagnoli and Davide Riva. The first singles were sung by Giovanna Bersola AKA Jenny B. Lipsync was performed in the videos and on stage by a Polish model named Marta Simlat. Pignagnoli and Riva produced Lalene soon after using the same formula.

After living her first years in Poland. Marta moved from Poland to Italy in 1992 to pursue a career as a model, but shortly after she moved she was discovered by Larry Pignagnoli and Davide Riva, which is the production team behind the Whigfield. Marta was quickly signed and her first single “You Make Me Feel Good” did well in France, Italy, and Germany and even topped the dance charts in Canada.

It was followed by “You and I”, which could be found on many dance compilation albums around the globe, including Dance Mix ’95 by Muchmusic. You and I are such a bigger gem in my Eurodance book. It’s way more her. Then a fourth single, “My Radio”, took Europe by storm and also became popular in Japan. Although J.K.’s last official single “Deep in the Night” was released in 1999, Benassi Bros did two covers of J.K. songs with singer Dhany in 2005, entitled “Hit My Heart”, followed by “Make Me Feel”. Most of the singles were only released in Italy.

The differences between the first and the second video here are that the first tune is a 1995 Remix while the second one is the official tune and the musicvideo. Go go Marta!!! What a figure and voice. Marta is yet another gem that deserves way more attention! This is Eurodance!

Turn up the volume for Marta and this gem!

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