J.K. was a Eurodance project, which was produced by Italian producers Larry Pignagnoli and Davide Riva. The first singles were sung by Giovanna Bersola AKA Jenny B. Lipsync was performed in the videos and on stage by a Polish model named Marta Simlat. Pignagnoli and Riva produced Lalene soon after using the same formula. On the video you hear J. K. with Beat It which is Marta’s first awesome tune I think. It deserves lots of love… give it a bit time and it turns your mind into another dimension. Believe me! Try!…

Success is not always what brings you onto peoples hearts forever

Even though Beat It and You and I were the tunes coming after. The truth is that J.K.’s first success was “You Make Me Feel Good” in 1993, but it wasn’t Marta’s pure idea at all, but that tune made people jump. You Make Me Feel Good actually became number one in Canada and was also successful in France, Germany, Italy, and other European countries. The songs “Beat It” and “You & I” (released in 1994) helped to continue J.K.’s success story. They should have got much better scores, but for some reason that didn’t happen? Why??

“My Radio” and later singles were sung by Sandra Chambers AKA Sandy. Annerley Gordon AKA Ann Lee can be found on some of the singles.