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Published on 13/06/2018
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German Eurodance group called Intermission projects were all produced by DMP. This was a 4 person team project by Michael Eisele AKA Attack II, Thorsten Adler, Tom Keil AKA Tom Jacques G. Coin and lyricist Nosie Katzmann. The first single “Honesty” was sung by Nina. The following, “Piece Of My Heart”, was sung by Valerie Scott.

Vocalist Lori Hölzel AKA Lori Glori featured on “Give Peace A Chance” and “Six Days”. The album “Piece Of My Heart” which was released in 1994 contained all the previous Intermission songs in their original single versions. “Planet Love”  from 1995 was sung by Raquel Gomez. The last single release by Intermission was titled “Blow Your Mind” and was released in 1997 that featured DJ M.A.R.S.S. and had Lori Glori back on vocals.

Interesting and deep Eurodance track that Moves You

Many Eurodance songs are happy vibe tunes. But Intermission with Six Days is a little bit more serious. The whole feel of the song itself is great, but it is dark. Intermission was a Eurodance group coming from Germany. They were successful in Europe between 1993 and 1996. Their biggest hit “Piece of My Heart” was released in late 1993, but Six Days was a huge hit too. You find it on their album called Piece Of My Heart.

Many people which listens to Eurodance that doesn’t understand its popularity see the genre as only fun. Aqua did a lot to promote that part of Eurodance when Barbie Girl was released. Until Aqua made a huge storm with that song, Eurodance was more serious. Its sad to see them fade away in 1997 but Muuuzic does what we can to preserve the good old times for you. Eurodance is from an era that was happier. Now some Eurodance groups tries to revive the past though, but the modern synths and way of making music isn’t always compatible. Muuuzic will anyway deliver Eurodance from all ages. Stay with the Distrita Family niche sites!

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Source:, wikipedia


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