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Published on 12/04/2017
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When you want to get summer tones into your living room, then we can recommend this song from Inna. Rendez Vous is such a title and the song is the type of getting hooked to one for a short period song. It’s so simple tones, yet our mind just remembers it. For some, this means that you will play this over and over. While others just skip it. But it is important to remember that for some, such songs can be a disaster for a few hours or days. This really depends on the person listening to it.

We all Love the Summer, and INNA helps that Feeling!

With the seductive words and light tones from Inna, you will feel that the summer light tones vibes just through her Rendez Vous song for sure. Do you remember Coco Jambo with Mr. President? This is sort of a modern version of it. Especially the music video is very similar. Do you hear the ocean waves? The guitar alike tones? The sensual voice of Inna? AND the synth alike beats that get you happy and alive. Then you know why this is a perfect summer song. For us living up north, summer is a very special time after many months with cold weather and short days you out of sudden can jump into the sea, lay on the grass and grill with friends.

Thanks to Inna for bringing summer tones to everyone’s house, so that even in winter it is possible to feel the warm summer vibes!

May Summer 2017 be the best for Everyone! And all of you in Australia and New Zealand. Now it’s your time to think of the summer vibes as now it is your turn to have winter. Make the cold weather fade away with these tones also for you as the winter is approaching your parts of the world. Rendez Vous tones really keep the summer feeling all year round for everyone and that is this song mission to do it seems. Inna hit that summer button and feeling for sure. Thank you for that! Amazing artists from Romania that has taken the world by storm.

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About INNA

INNA is one of today’s best artists from Romania. She was a house queen that now has changed her style to a way more poppy style. Born in Mangalia, Romania on the 16th of October 1986, which means that she had passed the 30s! However! This isn’t a stopper for people’s love of her at all. No! Not at all. Her profile and promoting skills is to use sexual and sensual moves to keep you hooked, while the music moves your muscles and sexy body everywhere you go and listen to her. No matter skin or religion, she is a border queen that unites the world with her music.

INNA is respected and with a body that is sexy even though she is small and is small breasted. She does the same marketing trick as Shakira and some of INNA beats reminds a lot of Spanish beats. It seems like if Romania has this Spanish feel to it in their music beats, which is really great.

Another great thing about INNA is that she is a strong activist regarding children’s rights in Romania. She was even part of the “No More Invisible Children” campaign that was run by UNICEF in 2012. She is also an active member of the anti-domestic violence campaign which is called “Pain is not Love”. So, she is against the abuse of women and that women themselves should fight against it. With Gal Gadot having her Wonder Woman promotion skills toward teenagers and INNA is also against abuse of women. The spirit within today’s women should rise and they should have the encourage to build up their strength against men that don’t care. Distrita team also cares for all women out there. We want no violence anywhere towards women, children or even men against men. Let the world be healed and listen to music every day!

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