Hypetraxx with The Darkside is Xtravaganza Cool08:11

Published on 15/02/2018
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Hypetraxx is a hard techno trance German band composed of Cengiz Özmaden, Frank Kuchinke and Jesse B. Foerster. They released their first songs in 1996, but they weren’t popular before in 1999! This song actually reached 4th place on singles chart list in Norway.

Masterpieces from Hypetraxx for only 8 Years

This German techno dance trance group didn’t last long compared to U96, Fun Factory etc. They lasted from 1996 until 2004. It’s a shame because this group made some huge impact on the dance genre for sure. Their beat is fast and their voice is strong. But something didn’t work out for them and they had to close down the project in 2004.

Hypertraxx released one album in 2000 which is called Tales from the Darkside. Only in CD format. A group that is deeply missed now that should never be forgotten.

Amazing beats from Hypertraxx in The Darkside for sure!




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