MTV HitList UK 1994! Remember how MTV was when it actually was doing what the name says “Music Television”. Here is Gloworm with Carry Me Home from 1994 that is as important NOW! as it was when it was a humongous hit worldwide.

Just sit down with a beer or coke scrolling through some old songs from the mid-90s. This song by Gloworm was released when my teenage years were important and so this song was released.

Don’t forget your teenager Life

People tend to forget what it feels like to be young, people’s hairs stood on end and tears welled in people’s eyes, oh lord oh lord People in those times did everything they could do to survive as with Black Lives Matter campaign these days. People’s entire youth flashed through its remarkable rhythm in the blink of an eye every time the chorus kicked in this song.

In any chase that the MTV version of this song is a bit bad. I’ve also included a version with a crisper sound from YouTube. What a remarkable song this was and is today still.

I can with an honest heart say that I’ve never been as much moved as when this song came out back in 1994. I wish that his brother got a job and that this song would be something that schools played daily so we all could have respect for each other no matter skin, religion, or interests.

This song by Gloworm just encapsulates the soul and sound of the 90s, which is why Muuuzic will always LOVE this era! ❤ I will make sure that you won’t forget an era when the future seemed brighter for most.

Muuuzic supports Black Lives Matter campaign worldwide. Music unites us and so everything else should do the same.

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