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Published on 24/10/2017
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In the 1990s there was Fun Factory which did an incredible music path. They were just one of the biggest eurodance groups ever. As seen on this YouTube clip, with over 6.9 million views. It really shows their popularity. They even had parts in one of the very first Backstreet Boys songs also. Incredible artist!

I Wanna Be With You was a Humongous Hit in the 1990s

In 1992 this group was formed and I Wanna Be With You was one of their biggest hits. It’s a bit slower type of eurodance song and got wider audience because of that. In 1995, Fun Factory released their Singles I Wanna B With U, Celebration and the Manfred Mann cover version retitled and shortened Doh Wah Diddy, all chart hits, peaking #11, #12 and #6 in the German Single Charts. These were sort of very different, yet people still loved it a lot.

Close To You became their first chart success peaking #1 at the Canadian Dance chart in time between 1992 and 1994.

Lyrics for I Wanna Be With You by Fun Factory

I wanna b with you
I wanna b with you baby
Yeah baby

I wanna b with you ’cause my love is true
There’s so many things that I wanna do
I wanna b with you every night and day
Oh baby oh baby please stay

What’s up what’s wrong?
Don’t stop loving me
’cause my love is very deep
And I know what you need
What can I do to fulfill your dreams?
I wanna b with you
No matter what you do so come on
Give what I need
Hit hit I get straight with it
’cause when I see you girl
You know you make me go wicked
Back to the point and you know me be movin’
I wanna be with you ’cause
My heart is still groovin’

MORE EURODANCE   Fun Factory with Turn It Up from 2016 is a great Reviving Eurodance track

Girlie girlie tell me
What you want from me
So deep in love baby can’t you see
I wanna hear
Some lovely words from you
Come baby come
Say I wanna be with you
I wanna be with you
You wanna be with me girl well just come here
The love I got will be right here
I wanna make you weak in every way
’cause the love I give you walk this way

Eurodance had its peak between 1990 and 1998. It is a genre that got ignored for many years. Fun Factory ended in 1997, however in 2009 and then later from 2013 this group is still going on which is really nice.

Also, we miss MTV when it had Music on it!

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