Fun Factory with Turn It Up from 2016 is a great Reviving Eurodance track03:18

Published on 15/02/2018
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Fun Factory is one of the most known eurodance groups ever to have existed on planet earth. They ended their life in 1997 and came back… then ended. Since 2013 until now they have become more active again. Turn It Up is proof of that. The song starts with nostalgia tones which then ends up into a more modern dance beat rythm. Many doesn’t like it, but we think it doesn’t hurt that much. Their style in 90s should stay in that age. If they continued on that path, then it would be xtravaganza. But they have chosen another path.

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Fun Factory with Turn It Up is a Sexy Dance song

Let the Sex play! I thought he sang sex, then swapped back … yes sex not sax… Maybe they took a sexy sax thingy. Whatever! It is awesome. The beat in this song is awesome! The female voice is great, but she should smile more in this video if there is anything to comment. She shines when she smiles! Do that more and let the sex play. Heh! Fun Factory is back for sure and this song ain’t bad.

Turn it up.. It’s Fun Factory!



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Fun Factory from 2016 with Eurodance comeback
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