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Published on 29/08/2018
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The interest for Eurodance in the eastern part of Europe is still very strong. We digg into worlds Internet Music Database to search for new music too. And there we find Free 2 Night that manages to pump out new great tunes all the time! They are a modern trio from Ukraine and Russia. But thanks to great information by Eurodance Girl. We got info that Tímea Kullai which is the singer in this song is also added to the Eurodance band.

Brilliant Eurodance from Free 2 Night

On 1st of August this year 2018, Free 2 Night released Phantom Of Love song. It’s so energic and powerful! We just love it. It continues giving people Euro-Techno and similar genres.

The members of Free 2 Night are composer and arranger RealThing, rapper and lyricist Viper, vocalist and lyricist Ira Vain.

New Eurodance group formed back in 2011, saved into our Internet Music Database

Free 2 Night is a Eurodance group that was founded on 25th of April 2012. They met each other on the net around summer 2011 and so it all began.

In the beginning, RealThing, offered Viper to make a nice midtempo euroreggae track. Some demos were made, but guys couldn’t find a suitable vocalist so the idea was delayed. Soon, in July 2011, Viper met Ira Vain while working in a short-lived eurodance project (he was a rapper and a lyricsmaker and she provided the vocals). Despite working in another project, Viper still kept in touch with RealThing, who got a bit of success at the time, remixing BPM’s song Music Rides The Sky for the first BPM’s album Back to Eurodance in a pure eurodance style. Around the end of autumn RealThing and Viper asked Ira Vain to sing for their old reggae demo, which was completely reworked and remastered. That’s how the Free 2 Night’ first song, called Unity, was born.

The song was rather successful and more than that, RealThing, Viper and Ira enjoyed working together. They decided to create their own band and produce high quality eurodance tracks. Around the end of April 2012, Viper and Ira left their previous project, united with RealThing and officially established Free 2 Night, starting out loud with Rise Up – the spiritual successor of Unity.

Band’s first maxi-single Music In Your Mind was released on the 5th of June 2012, containing powerful remixes by Eurotronic, DJ Walkman and Poison Beat. Their most recent song – Free Tonight, was presented on 10th of July 2012. Having a thousand of plans to do, Free 2 Night are going to revive the classical and pure eurodance sound, working under the motto “Free 2 Night – free all the time!”

In September, they presented their new single Stays The Same. Their next single Lost Control was a collaboration with Boris Pavlovic from BPM, released in November..

It is really interesting seeing new Eurodance being produced today. Even though they are from Ukraine and Russia. This Phantom Of Love song proves that even today, Eurodance bands continues the beats as they should. Lovely quality.

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Read way more about them on which is an encyclopedia giving you all the Eurodance information that you need. While Muuuzic is here to spread Eurodance love around the globe. Together we move Eurodance forward. Its important that this genre is moving forward so that today’s genre pushes it forward also.

What do you think of this song? We think its just brilliant.. and very true to the dance type of beats and singing. Fantastic! We love it and hopes that You love it too!


Source:, Eurodance Girl /Timcsy/

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Phantom Of Love is Brilliant New Eurodance
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