Do you remember Paradisio? Bailando? Well, Destino is made by the same girl. Now in 2021… now it is out for everyone to dance too. Eurokdj can inform that the Videoclip that I have added here into the news item on Muuuzic was directed by Vincent Rion and premiered on Marisa’s birthday.

This new Eurodance Trance tune in Spanish is great I think. Its nice that the beats haven’t changed. It makes this song perfect for souls thinking back to the 90s. Bailando was such an big hit in Europe.

Director: Vincent RION Productor: L’Orchidée Blanche © P. HAMILTON / M.I. GARCIA ASENSIO

Thanks To: Charley-Isabel / Christophe /Asel / Jean-Marie / Julie / Sébastien Inyourstyle / Institut le Reflet du Soleil / Speed Panda / Stephane Laruelle Photography The Globe Recording Studios / Starbridge Records

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