From 1993 in Sweden, FLEXX with Wake Up! is for sure a Eurodance Maxx tune. Its powerful and so amazing.

What a tune this is!

About Flexx

They are a Swedish Eurodance act, active 1993-1996. Consisted of rappers Chris Ljung and Malvern Mandengu, complemented by singers Kajsa (front) and Lotten Andersson (studio singer). Nana Hedin was featured as a singer on the first single Wake Up! Later singer “Silver” (Laila Bagge) appeared on the single Spider. They were produced by the team Bass Nation (Nordlund/Lagerlöf).

These are the members, Chris LjungJan NordlundJohan LagerlöfKajsaLotten AnderssonMandengu

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