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Published on 12/02/2018
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In Iceland, there is a nice interest in Eurovision Song Contest. RUV arranges 3 shows where the final show will pick the winner for who will be participating in the country. The winner needs to be able to sing his or her song in Icelandic including English is one of the criteria.

Icelandic Eurovision is the Most-Watched Show on RUV

Söngvakeppnin is one of the most-watched shows on RUV. In 2008, Euroband with This Is My Life managed to reach 14th out of 25 in the final. They have both, separately, established themselves as popular artists in Iceland and have tried to represent Iceland in Eurovision before as separate acts, but were unsuccessful. It was not until they joined that Iceland chose them as their representative in the Eurovision Song Contest 2008.

Fantastic Eurodance from Iceland

Euroband is called Eurobandið in Icelandic. There are some really nice beats here for sure! Iceland might be a small country, but the voices coming from it is energic in many ways. This is the mythical country that is one of the world’s most democratic countries that exists.

Seeing that Iceland actually performed with a Eurodance song at Eurovision 2008 was just magical. They even reached the final that year. This isn’t a typical Icelandic song, so to see this delivered by this mysterious island in the north is quite stunning.

Iceland managed to reach 14th place in the Final at Eurovision Song Contest 2008 which was held Belgrade, which is one of the strongest finals that the country has reached. So, sit back and relax. Listen to this awesome song with awesome Eurodance beats. It is just amazing seeing Iceland delivered such a song for sure. I’ve never heard other Eurodance songs from Iceland ever. If you know of any Eurodance bands from Iceland. Then please use the Submit Video button!

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Euroband with This Is My Life
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