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Published on 23/09/2017
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Ariadne is an Estonian artist that participated in the Estonian Eurovision Song Contest, but she didn’t win. There was some very irritating sound glitches in her performance where it was repeated too much, but in this music video that can be found on YouTube this sound isn’t noticeable. Her song, Feel Me Now sounds very modern, nice and is perfectly made for Eurovision. Especially this music video that gives correct vibes and feel for this song.

Unique voice in this nice song named Feel Me Now by Ariadne

Ariadne with Feel Me Now shows that she is a singer that got a huge potential. Estonia have some really nice artists and they should produce even more international known artists. Eurovision is one arena, but a singer or artist like Ariadne should be seen everywhere. This wonderful and wise woman from Estonia needs to move on, sing more and do Estonia even more proud, because this lady got potential! She got a very nice and calm voice that she should use.

Enjoy listening to this song. It’s really nice we think. It moves us, but our next question regarding this performance is. What if Ariadne could perform this version on the stage instead? Could she have won? Yes, we think so! The difference between this music video and what she did at the stage is humongous.

Ariadne deserves to become a star! She might not have reached the Estonian Eurovision final, but she have won our hearts. This is music for our ears. We need more artists from the Eastern part of Europe to become bigger in the world. There is simply too much American artists dominance in this world. Ariadne is doing something about this and its really interesting to see where she will be in the next 10 years. Estonia should be proud of her.

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