2 Unlimited is associated with Anita and Ray. But when this tune appeared in 1999. Both of them have left the group. Its sad but somehow the music market changed at that time. But this is a gem. It is a party song and it is one of the best Eurodance songs from 2 Unlimited.

2 Unlimited created Eurodance History

This Eurodance band came from nowhere and they created one the best techno tune of all times which in many opinions is “Twilight Zone”. Doesn’t it tell you a lot? The times were way ahead of its time. It changed the way everyone felt about this kind of music. It even woke up some of the dead spirits to dance too. Fantastic!

I know you think it is a bit out of this world track now, but on 1992 it really blew everyone’s mind. I thought can you do that, can you change dance music into this?? It was something totally different than ever before! 2 Unlimited pushed the boundaries of Eurodance music further.

Then later, 2 Unlimited really blew the bank by introducing “Get Ready For This” and little later really floor filler new techno (who knew that word in early -92? It was introduced a little later on spring/summer 1992…) sound by introducing “Twilight Zone”. It had hard style synth riff and nice female vocals. The first album was a milestone on machine music. They had some good tunes later too, but they did not meet the high expectations of the public.

2 Unlimited will always be amazing and these two ladies took it further. I love the beats and electric vibe in this song from 1998. I never got into Ray and Anita music that much. Maybe because the rap sounded a bit odd to me. Yet they defined Eurodance music by making almost everyone know who they are.

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