What a tune this is from 2015. When you thought that Eurodance music isn’t getting new tunes, Eclipse and other Eurodance groups does an excellent job keeping the genre fully alive. You Make My Day is a fantastic Eurodance tune by them which includes great vocal singing. I sometimes wonder if this is from 2015 or 1995? But it is 2015, which is really awesome!

Eclipse is waking up Eurodance

Eclipse’s single is entitled You Make My Day that you should order to support them. This is an awesome Eurodance song that was originally made in the mid-90s. While Miriam’s original voice was recovered using the phase cancellation technique, music was re-recorded as close to the original as possible, and the result is just amazing Arno says to eurokdj website.

It is great to see them reviving the 90s in these times. Eurodance is uplifting music and thats something people deserves to have in these Wuhan virus times. Let the virus dance away!

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