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Published on 12/01/2018
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Wow! This is a awesome eurodance track that many haven’t heard before. This is for sure a truly 1994 Eurodance masterpiece that everyone deserves to hear. These gems had many followers for a few weeks and then forgotten because other hits took their place. Echo Bass made excellent Eurodance tracks that were so uplifting that it deserves to be shared. Muuuzic is doing so for you. We love it here as we found this magical rare eurodance track that doesn’t even seem to have its own music video even. Here is what I’ve found on the net so far about Echo Bass.

Echo Bass is from Italy

Echo Bass producer is Brixt. This person is also known for producing the song Sempre Di Piu by Davinia. The single included a Radio edit, a Club mix, a Tribal mix and an Extended mix. The co-producer and co-writer for Gotta Dance With The Music was Belonius (Pierluigi Giombini, who later created the project Web). This single featured the voices of Ely and Baba X. It was a humongous hit and sold over 100.000 copies worldwide. Eurodance tracks that sells this much should still be played. Where have this uplifting music style gone now in 2018?

Fantastic Eurodance by Echo Bass must be preserved

A remixes compilation CD was released includes various versions. A Edit remix, a Brixt mix, a Dr.k. mix, and a Sub team mix can be found.

Givin It Up was also a very good eurodance hit that you can hear here on Muuuzic thru YouTube. Their last single was entitled Say Up And Down, in Reel 2 Real style. Thami Dee was co-producer and also took part to the vocals.

MORE EURODANCE   Echo Bass with Givin' It Up from 1995 Is a Rare Eurodance Party track

You Gotta Be My Lover by Echo Bass was a song that was only released on a promo compilation of the records company Airplay.  A sample of Say Up And Down was used into Club System’s single Move On in 2002.



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Echo Bass with Gotta Dance With The Music
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