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Published on 26/10/2019
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If you can compare the Eurodance songs on one hand. For many, E-Type with Camilla is a very big hit. It is one of the most beautifully made songs which just flow as it should be. It seems to us as if this group never gives up. So we advise you all out there to check out E-Type’s latest song named Ride The Lightning also.

Camillla is a Very strong Eurodance tune

Except for Set The World On Fire song. Camilla is battling about being the best-made song by E-Type of all time. From the very beginning until the end. This tune is so uplifting, so perfect and so sexy. It is a song that makes any Eurodance fan proud it seems.

think about the way
that we live today
think about the way
how some people play

think about the way
that we live today
think about the way
think about the way

The lyrics in this song are even quite good. It is a Swedish top-notch production for sure. A country where Eurodance sort of didn’t fell apart that much. Basic Element even tried to do a comeback with a much bigger success than anticipated.

The girls’ dancers are hot and the girl with a white skirt is cute

In this video that we found it is taken from a concert that E-Type had. It looks like the group really enjoys being on the stage. The girls are hot and they know every step that should be taken. It is an uplifting video that we found.

Even today many ask their music sounds quality and comments it as modern. That their music back then sounds like the current music that most is listening to today. But this tune is a bit old. It is from 2004. So it is not our oldest Eurodance track at all but one of the newer that is really awesome made even for today’s standards.

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Also, E-Type is one of the few Eurodance groups which in some odd settings is loved by hard rock lovers. It is possible to like hard rock and dance! Bo Martin Erik Eriksson which was born on the 27th of August in 1965 got a famous hairstyle of most of the hard rock groups. Yet he is doing Eurodance. And so many hard rock fans tend to like E-Type just because of him. Which we find really interesting.

Source: Eurokdj.com

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