This is a song from 1995. It is a Eurodance xXx song produced in Germany by David Brändle (David Brandes) and Felix Gauder. Vocals by Liane Hegemann (Lyane Leigh) and David Brändle (David Brandes). It was made at a time when nudity wasn’t taken so seriously.

Fred Come To Bed from 1995 by E-Rotic is actually one of the best tunes from E-Rotic. It’s all about sex but its made in such a way that anyone can listen to it without getting problems. Well, some parents might think you’re doing things that you aren’t.


People remember this E-Rotic tune from back in the 90s. People often waking up in the morning for school, when this song played quite often on the German and Polish VIVA music channel. Oh, the memories. This tune takes anyone that listens to it back in the times when you could have fun without being accused for the smallest things. I think the freedom of the 1990s should return!