E-rotic with Max Don’t Have Sex With Your Ex02:39

Published on 08/11/2017
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I’m in the amazing part of Youtube again one of the comments says regarding this song. Its for sure a tune that is uplifting but at the same time was put a bit west, east and north too. The musicvideo is wild and the groups name is E-rotic or if you will erotic.

E-rotic made these kind of eurodance songs that stretched MTV a lot. In the end they were broadcasted in Late Night Videos programme which didn’t have censorship. The songs from E-rotic was also made in a time when erotic movies was hot and many wanted to watch them. There was many European tv channels that put erotic movies on them in the time when E-rotic was popular. Even Scandinavian TV3 did it.

Then someone said stop and less of these types of songs became hits. Its just fun and Max Don’t Have Sex With Your Ex. Please! …

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