Dynamic Base with Africa is very rare but still Amazing – Rare Eurodance Track!04:40

Published on 11/08/2017
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In Norway, we do have used stuff sale at schools in autumn and spring time. Every school in Norway have their own musical band that do have these selling used stuff events for giving their bands enough money. With this money they can improve by getting new instruments and uniforms. Norwegians walks on our national day which is 17th of May almost everywhere in Norway. I was very lucky, because I managed to get hold of a Mega Dance 2 CD that was released in Norway by Arcade back in the 90s that someone sold as a used CD. I used to love this eurodance compilation where one of the songs was this one Africa by Dynamic Base. This song never left my mind ever since. So, here I found it on YouTube for you to listen. Enjoy this rare but very good eurodance track. It got the uplifting beats while it tells a story for your ears about Africa. Lovely tune!

Dynamic Base with Africe is for sure a rare Eurodance track that should’ve got so much more love.

RoccoEsse on YouTube

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