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Published on 14/02/2018
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Dune is a German electronic group known for songs such as “Hardcore Vibes”, “Are You Ready to Fly?” and “Rainbow to the Stars”. They are still active today! Here we present Millions miles from home song which was a quite huge hit. Their hardcore techno style made them famous. With slow piano and woman lyrics in the middle of the song, they showed a softer side.

Dune was a huge hardcore techno group from Germany that is still active Today

In 1996 this song was released by Dune. However, it’s not their most popular song. Yet it deserves to be known by anyone since it is quite unique in its style. Many will remember their times in the 90s when listening to this song for sure. This mild hardcore techno tune is perfect for days that just aren’t great. Its uplifting hardcore techno that got a eurodance feel to it at times. Yet its techno all the way.

Enjoy! We think that this song is one of the best techno songs all time ever made for sure.  This is how really great techno songs should sound like. We love it and we hope you too enjoy it as much as we do! Germany is really awesome when it comes to techno and dance songs. So many talented techno bands from there. Much Love!


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