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Published on 13/02/2018
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Dreamland is a Eurodance group that was formed in 1992 by the producer and writer Esquille. They made some of the sexiest and best Eurodance Party songs ever. But that’s not all. They produced fantastic Eurodance Party songs that pubs and bars played a lot during the years when they were active in the 1990s.

Introduction to Dreamland – The Ultimate  Eurodance Party band

After working with different artists he met the singer ‘Kay’ Karin Stromfelt in 1994, which resulted in a single release the very same year. The duo picked up a American rapper named Glenn Carter (pseudonyms of Nice Skills and G-Sharp) and started to perform in various clubs in the world. At the same time they recorded a new single Anything 4 U (Anything For You). The song hit the musical market in the 90s like a bomb, with releases in 12 countries including the US (it was licensed in Spain under Contraseña). Suddenly Dreamland became a big name in Eurodance Party genre as this song was featured almost everywhere, including on the more famous Mega Dance CD compilations worldwide.

Dreamland however got a underground status pretty fast, because it was a mess regarding distributing their singles. They had plans for an entire album, but nothing came out.

House and Trance meets Eurodance Party Feeling in every beat in this song by Dreamland

Afterwards Esquille did some tracks on the Remixed Records ‘DJ’s Only’ – a record label only for DJs from Remixed Records own DJ-club. In 1998 Esquille and Kay re-united in 1998 and they decided to record a new album with a more housy style. You will hear a touch of the good old 70ties and 80ties, which is their new source of inspiration. But you will still find the strong hooks and happy melodies.

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1999 : the next single was entitled Summer Is Here. It contained a megamix. Several unreleased songs were featured in that megamix, among others a song called Can You See The Fire wich played from 06:25 – 7:25. But this single is impossible to find nowadays : maybe it was just a promo, or it was never released.

There could have been an entire album released, self-titled Dreamland, it contained 13 tracks in happy-house style. The promo track Get You has been out for a while, and available for download on MP3.com. Kay wrote the lyrics. It’s simply about love, the neverending theme. ‘The main idea was to get the groovy vocals to fit into the bass line.’ she explains ‘We worked three weeks from scratch to master. The vocals was recorded at one night. Mixing and producing took a few more nights.’



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Dreamland with Anything For You is the Ultimate Eurodance Party Tune
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