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Published on 26/10/2019
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We all want to go back to a time when a Swedish man is pretending to be an illegal, blind, ridiculous character of an Indian taxi driver who can get multiple hit songs. And people just find it awesome. Dr. Bombay with Calcutta is funny yet it got a more interesting beat to it.

Taxi Taxi Driver in Calcutta by Dr. Bombay is Something

It is not easy to describe the happy part of Eurodance. Aqua sort of started it with their Barbie Girl song which became a humongous hit everywhere. Lene Nystrøm’s voice still sits in millions of people’s minds across the world. And because of their popularity we got a famous song about Tamagotchi, a group called Vengaboys and also Dr. Bombay from Sweden.

But unlike the mentioned Eurodance groups. Dr. Bombay took it a bit further but in a funny-serious way. I guess the artist was picking on the unsafe Taxi drivers in Calcutta. For people in the west, it is funny but it is also about caring when driving. Do not do drive like a madman in the streets in any country. That is a wise thing.

The uplifting song with correct Eurodance feeling to it

The Eurodance songs made by Aqua just have a funny feel to it. But Dr. Bombay had it too but this band continued using the Eurodance beats from before Aqua released their Barbie Girl song (Aqua’s Roses Are Red is actually much more true to the Eurodance spirit though).

This song gives people more rhythms and quality for what you listen to. Yes, it is funny and it is an uplifting Eurodance song but the whole concept of this song is in Eurodance quality as it should. For some Barbie Girl is a fantastic song and we don’t mind that. But it is important to inform people what happened with this genre before and after this hit happened. Because of its popularity, it changed people’s minds about the Eurodance genre. But then Dr. Bombay sort of healed it a bit which I am really grateful for.

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