Dr Bombay with Calcutta made everyone sing Taxi Taxi Taxi and03:20

Published on 07/03/2018
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In 1963, Jonny Jakobsen from Sweden was born. He began as a country singer, but in 1998 he decided to change this a bit. So, Jonny is much better known as the fictive taxi driver from the monster hit Calcutta that he made in 1998! This song also appeared on his Rice and Curry album.

Dr Bombay got Europop fame Everywhere

Calcutta, SOS The Tiger Took My Family etc was humongous hits everywhere. People seemed to have out of music and tones back in the days. This was a funny eurodance song that almost everyone loved and played. Dr Bombay made funny songs, but they also had a serious side of them too.

In Sweden, Calcutta managed to reach 1st place. The song got 6 platinum in Norway and 7 platinum in Sweden.

Happy Eurodance for Everyone with Dr Bombay

Johnny Jakobsen’s music style can be described as happy eurodance which was a hype at the time when it came out. Dr Bombay however, released it  with a twist. Each of his aliases have a unique style, that is based on their heritage. Dr. Bombay’s sound makes use of instruments such as drums, rattles, and other instruments which can be seen as being typical of Indian culture. He also uses a small taxi where he copy himself everywhere.

Where is this type of music today?

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