Dr. Alban with Loverboy is a More modern Dr Alban Tune with Retro vibes included03:26

Published on 28/03/2017
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The Swedish dentist that have made several great dance hits in the past, came out with his Loverboy song in 2012. Loverboy is the title and this is really a nice tune. It seems to me that he is a bit more around his belly? Well, no matter how anyone looks! It is fantastic to see him in this song which is really fresh and modern.

Dr. Alban is Back from the Past

A bit more round than in his biggest hit It’s My Life, but still, have his majestic voice that almost everyone knows about. Dr. Alban is for sure one of the coolest Eurodance dance reggae artists from the 90s. He made people dance, sing and feel free. He brought African beats to Europe and made everyone happy when listening to dr.alban one love songs and more.

Loverboy is different, it is more modern yet it feels retro once he starts to sing. Dr. Alban has been into the scene for a very long time and because of that, his voice will always feel retro and cool at the same time. Its the voice you were raised with and here it is back.

How do you remember Dr. Alban? What did you do when he released his first major hit “It’s My Life”? This was a door opener for many countries as it was one of the first songs that came to countries such as Poland after the fall of communism. Almost every tv station and radio station kept on playing his tunes daily and it lasted for weeks. I was dancing with my friends at Swinoujscie everywhere.

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It was a totally “It’s My Life” madness all over the place in Europe. I don’t think that this tune will do the same but it shows that Dr. Alban never stops. He is in our hearts forever.

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