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Published on 12/02/2018
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In April 1992, one of the most known dance dentists from Sweden Dr. Alban released this humongous hit called It’s My Life. It was played everywhere. Especially in Poland where this song became one of the first big humongous hits ever. It was played on every radio and TV station for the entire summer. It was a positive music xtravaganza xperience. This song was peaking at number one in Sweden, Austria, Poland, Germany, Italy, Netherland, Belgium and number two in the UK.

Moroccan singer brought It’s My Life by Dr Alban back a bit in 2014

In 2014, a remake of the song was released by Moroccan singer Chawki featuring vocals by Dr. Alban. The song with amended lyrics also known as “It’s My Life (Don’t Worry)” was produced by RedOne and released on RedOne Records. A music video was also shot for the release. The single charted in the French SNEP official Singles Chart.

Chawki also released a bilingual English/French version of the song titled “It’s My Life (C’est Ma Vie)”

Dr Alban is for sure one of those artists that have brought positive vibes thru his hits. He have united black and white tendencies in every corner of the world with his music. Its inspiration, creation and art beats in every tone that he produces. His style is also very Dr Alban. You just know when Dr Alban is contributing to something or making something. His voice is his absolute identity. Dr Alban had a harsh start in his life, but after moving to Sweden he started a musical career.

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It’s My Life by Dr Alban can be found on the One Love album. He is a inspiring Nigerian-Swedish artist that moved the world closer in the 90s. Dr Alban is for sure an artist that is missed now in 2018. A artist that is able to communicate with all sorts of religions and ethnics. He is a legend.


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