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Published on 11/11/2017
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Back in the 90s, this type of music boosted its popularity in 1991. Double You got formed as the boys met the producer Roberto Zanetti. In December of the same year, 1991 “Please Don’t Go” was recorded. A sensual Eurodance pop song that got millions to listen.

The song was then released in January 1992 and was an instant hit. Double You toured across Europe and appeared in TV shows around the world.

This was Very popular Eurodance hit Everywhere!

Please Don’t Go was the Number One Eurodance hit in Netherlands and Belgium

This Eurodance hit managed to hit 1st place in 1992 in both Netherlands and Belgium. In Switzerland, Austria, France and Germany the song managed 2nd and 3d and 4th place. MTV also played this song a lot. They played it several times a day I remember.

Double You got really huge with this hit and became the song that most remember. But they also made other great hits following this hit. You can watch both of them here on Muuuzic. One of them is Got To Love and the other one is Dancing With an Angel. But these songs are much more pure Eurodance focused. Still they managed to give Double You a much longer life all together.

Double You made Fantastic songs! This group had potential and they would have been big today too if they continued making awesome Eurodance songs. But for some reason. Eurodance didn’t get the audience after 2001 which set a big stop for Eurodance evolution across the globe. Today, Eurodance is still very popular in the eastern parts of Europe and Germany. In Italy its still big too. But in the rest of the world, this genre got issues to be loved as it should be.

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With Double You, we can conclude that They helped Eurodance a lot. Today they are legends that deserves to get their songs spread across the net.

Enjoy uplifting Dance! Enjoy Listening to Eurodance!

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