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Published on 08/11/2017
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Here we have a LIVE performance by Double You, which gave the world the humongous hit Please Don’t Go! Fantastic Eurodance group that should not be forgotten. This Italian Eurodance group was founded in 1985, when William Naraine (singer) started producing demos with Franco Amato and Andrea de Antoni.

In 1992, they managed to sell more than three million records. That’s pretty awesome for a Eurodance group. and the single “Please Don’t Go” was a success. Dancing With An Angel sold millions too. Its as powerfull song also!

Dancing With An Angel came out in 1995

In 1995, “Dancing with an Angel” was released as a new single. Featuring singer Sandra Chambers. After this hit, Double You did a quite long Italian tour lasting eight months. The song was also a success in other countries such as Switzerland, Australia, Israel and Latin America.

Since 2013 is formed by Naraine, Gino Martini, Gustavo Filipovich, Paulo Soveral e Missaka. So, Double You is still around.

We need to give way more rythm back to the World! Share this if you like it! Because Eurodance made people dance. All types of people. Either black, white, blue or pink to name a few. People enjoyed listening to Eurodance. They learned English, they learned to be uplifted and to take care of this world. Important messages about love, respect and unity was song in many Eurodance songs. Many had pro love titles, but they meant positive things and people understood it.

Please Don’t Go was the Number One Eurodance hit in Netherlands and Belgium

This Eurodance hit managed to hit 1st place in 1992 in both Netherlands and Belgium. In Switzerland, Austria, France and Germany the song managed 2nd and 3d and 4th place. MTV also played this song a lot. They played it several times a day I remember.

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Double You got really huge with this hit and became the song that most remember. But they also made other great hits following this hit. You can watch both of them here on Muuuzic. One of them is Got To Love and the other one is Dancing With an Angel. But these songs are much more pure Eurodance focused. Still they managed to give Double You a much longer life all together.

It is awesome that Double You made Eurodance so popular. Kudos to You! We miss you a lot!

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Double You with Dancing With An Angel
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