This Italian Eurodance group was founded in 1985. In 1995 this Eurodance hit by Double You was released by them. It is really good I think. I really love it. The male singing is done by William Naraine. He is a singer that is born in London on 29 December 1965, but based in Italy since the 80s. In this song the song.

The hot female voice in Dancing With An Angel by Double You win people’s hearts!

The lead vocals in this song is done by Sandra Chambers. In the entire Europe including Italy, Double You success was overwhelming.

Double You was present at the greatest summer shows with Dancing With An Angel hit as the hit of summer 1995. At times without fears for a virus such as this one now. So, in 1995 a long Italian tour began, lasting eight months. The song was also a great success in many foreign countries such as Switzerland, Australia, Israel, South America and in Northern part of America, too.

Double You had fantastic popularity and so I decided to focus on this group. They deserve all the love that they can get. They were part of the teenage years of my life.

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