At the start of the 1990s, there was a star named DJ BOBO. He is still quite popular, but at that time he was really huge too. Here is his Everybody tune that is one of his most relaxed titles.

He has sold 14 million records worldwide and has released 10 studio albums. DJ BOBO is still doing fine now and seems to never give up which is his strength.

I wanted to give you the DJ BOBO experience since I’ve always been a huge fan of him. I saw him live in Oslo, Norway and since then his been huge for me. He is a Eurodance legend that deserves to be mentioned.

From the moment that I heard him on the radio here. I rushed out to buy the dance charts CD albums with his tunes on them. He is an uplifting spirit in the musical universe and that why I love his music so much.

Facts You Need To Know

Everybody Changed the Rhythm

It is important to know that DJ BoBo has also released as many as 34 singles to date, some of which have charted quite high, not only in German-speaking countries but also in other European territories. Everybody is one of his more relaxing type of songs. So I’ve put it into the Slow Eurodance category.

A great tune for nice evenings that can be quite nice either for coders or anyone who love to have a break from reality. It is a tune that changed people’s minds about what Eurodance can be. It is quite interesting to see how big DJ BOBO actually is without many realizing it. Especially in the central parts of Europe.

30 Years with Dance music from DJ BOBO

DJ BoBo has put out his 11th studio album, “Dancing Las Vegas.” The year 2012 marked his 20th anniversary of DJ BoBo’s career in music but soon it is 2022. It has really been a lot of water under the bridge since he released his first dancefloor hit, “Somebody Dance With Me,” in November 1992. It boosted his career a lot and the fact that he never gave up is a sign that he is really serious and takes his fans seriously.

In fact, almost 30 years now have elapsed since that time, and during those years, dance music was constantly changing. Back in 2017 he even released 25 Years Greatest Hits album too. KaleidoLuna in 2018 was Rene’s last album so far. I haven’t heard that one yet though. As with DJ BoBo’s previous studio albums, Circus and Mystorial charted in the top 5 in Switzerland, while KaleidoLuna charted at No.9. So even after so many years he still got the energy.

DJ BOBO Extravaganza


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