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Published on 30/10/2019
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The Norwegian Eurodance music industry was never big but Dina is one of the icons that is remembered. KEiiNO is another Eurodance group now in 2019 is providing quality Eurodance music. But they don’t sing in Norwegian.

Bli Hos Meg by Dina became Huge

Caroline Lillian Kongerud is Dina and she released this song in Norwegian named Bli Hos Meg is a very powerfull Eurodance. It is about staying and to be free. She had a very nice profile and she deserves much more attention than she got.

Caroline as a Norwegian Eurodance artist released one album and seven singles in the early 2000s. Together with the Swedish Eurodance queen Drömhus, she made Scandinavians dance. She filled the dancefloors with joy and powerful beats.

Dina released her songs in the middle of 2000s

This is a strong song made by Caroline which was released back in 2003. It is a nice tune. Many in Norway thinks of it as a Norwegian trance song as the Besatt song but it is totally wrong. It is Eurodance but not the same type that was made in the 1990s.

This type of Eurodance became popular after the millennium. You notice it because it is way too much singing and the beat is really true to Eurodance we think. The known rap part is gone though, but that doesn’t change this type of music to a trance song.

Here we have some popularity figures



  • 2003 — “Bli hos meg” # 1 – VG-lista
  • 2003 — “For evig min” # 4 – VG-lista
  • 2005 — “Hvis” # 5 – VG-lista
  • 2005 — “En sommernatts drøm” # 17 – VG-lista
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So she did pretty well in the Norwegians hit lists which is very good we think. But outside of Norway, she isn’t that known at all. So we at Muuuzic decide to put some focus on the Norwegian Eurodance groups too. This is good music that more people around the globe should know about.

Eurodance is a music genre that many artists in Norway did make but the audience didn’t appreciate as much as in other countries.

Some of the Norwegian Eurodance bands such as Infinity got deserved popularity outside of Norway though. Also, Norway never had a Eurodance group that did it well that was pure Norwegian. Aqua had a humongous hit with their Barbie Girl song with Lene being Norwegian but the rest were Danish.

Source: Muuuzic Own Knowledge

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Dina with Bli Hos Meg is an excellent Eurodance tune
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