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Published on 15/04/2017
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Video was shot in Lapland in Finland, in Kilpisjärvi, and some of the driving sequences were shot on the Norwegian side of the common border. There was a real party, really exclusive one indeed, in the middle of nowhere with a small number of select party people flown in. Memorable and fun times!

Darude was for sure a fantastic group and they seem to still have their fans still alive, which is giving them very positive comments back on the YouTube musicvideos that you can find there by Darude.

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Darude was played on almost every computer party or place with dance music. And reason I wanted to bring this song up is that its not that known as their humongous hit Sandstorm. Also the fact that they are driving on Norwegian roads in this musicvideo. Yes! Finland and Norway share a quite long border with each other in the north.

Norwegian roads in this Musicvideo by Darude

There is something about Norwegian roads. They are similar to the American roads, since they have yellow stripes in the middle. Those roads shown in this video is what 90% of Norway have. Norway doesn’t have many highways, so mostly people have these two lane roads to use.

The nature around the roads is also very nice. The scenic view is fantastic and it fits really nicely to this type of music by Darude. This is techno at its best and from a time when they produced brilliant techno tracks. Some might argue that this is Eurodance or some even claims that it is trance. But the beats, the talks and the type of musicvideo is related to real techno songs I think.

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If you disagree, please have a say below. The differences between eurodance, trance, techno and house can sometimes be hard. So if you have any comments on this, please tell us your opinion.




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