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Published on 15/04/2017
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I love Dance 2 Trance! Read my article about Moon Spirit album here. Well! After their Moon Spirit album, I had some break from the group. Quite unwanted actually, but at some point, I got to know Warrior, which was my newest Dance 2 Trance single at that time. You can get it at Discogs website. The song is very techno-inspired but also moved me a lot. It seemed like Dance 2 Trance never left the Indian theme.

Dance 2 Trance with a Fantastic Trumpet Techno sound

I loved the electronic trumpet part of this song a lot. It reminded me of freedom and it sort of blew me away. This song is, however, a bit forgotten by many out there, which is sad. Because this techno song is a quite powerful one like any other song from Dance 2 Trance. Why aren’t there any artists anymore making such music or they’ve gone so much underground that it is hard to find? This song is just fantastic from the start to the end. It’s how techno songs should be! Dance 2 Trance was really an innovative techno and trance group that I miss!

German group that blew me Away in the 90’s

Dance 2 Trance was a German trance, Eurodance and techno duo, composed of Rolf Ellmer and DJ Dag Lerner. They had one of Eurodance’s biggest dance hits titled Power Of The American Natives song, which is also found on the Moon Spirit album. But also several singles and that this song was put in several dance albums made it humongous big! In the mid-1990s, Dance 2 Trance was associated with Jam & Spoon.

Here are the official Dance 2 Trance Releases

Year Single Peak chart positions Album
1990 “We Came in Peace” Singles only
1991 “Let’s Get Rollin'”
“Where Is Dag?” Moon Spirits
1992 “Hello San Francisco”
“Power of American Natives” featuring Linda Rocco 7 3 50 9 16 2 5 11 15 25
1993 “Take a Free Fall” 13 7 24 25 32 37 36
1994 “Warrior” 47 42 56 Revival
1995 “I Have A Dream (Enuf Eko?)”
1997 “The Power of American Natives ’98” 29 59 36 Single only
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Dance 2 Trance is certainly the most unknown known artist in the 1990s. They were so popular, but almost no one remembers them. Their hit song “Power Of American Natives” is often remembered, but no one I speak with remembers the name? Dance 2 Trance is for sure one of the bands that shaped the 1990s, so the chart figures that I’ve pasted from Wikipedia can be questioned a lot. There wasn’t a group like Dance 2 Trance that moved the techno genre into another dimension without people knowing it.

Muuuzic is here to give you articles about these two genius musicians and more. Simply, because music shouldn’t like this shouldn’t be forgotten at all. Dance 2 Trance is simply too important for the history of music to just forget them. Thanks for your music and be sure to see more of them here.

Dance 2 Trance Warrior Lyrics for all of the Fans out there

I’m a warrior
For love and peace
And you´re right to be freed

I’m a warrior
For love and peace

This is for sure a song that needs to be followed. The world needs to be freed and Muuuzic hopes to be part of that.

Source: Warrior single at DiscogsPower Of The American Natives at DiscogsJam and Spoon Facebook page

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