Culture Beat – Got To Get It03:52

Published on 15/04/2017
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If there is one eurodance artist that should be heard, then it is Culture Beat. Got To Get It is also a very well made song and thanks to MTV which played the songs frequently, they became known. This is typical feel good eurodance, but on top of that we have a singer that makes it even better I think.


Culture Beat was a German Eurodance group, that started up their music in 1989 by Torsten Fenslau. Culture Beat achieved the most success whilst fronted by singer Tania Evans and rapper Jay Supreme took the control. Their 1993 single “Mr. Vain”, was a number-one hit in eleven European countries and the act is thought to have sold more than 10 million records worldwide.

This song is however a strong one also! Culture Beat, Real McCoy, Bizarre Inc and Snap! had the 90’s defining techno, dance, house and electric music. They simply made the world a better place!

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