With all of the Coronavirus in the media. It’s a bit too much. But when you know that one of the best Eurodance groups is named Corona. People have jumped onto Corona musicvideos on YouTube commenting about coronavirus and it. Be positive when you comment as I’ve seen lots of comments that shouldn’t be posted at all.

Corona will always be in everyone’s Eurodance hearts

Corona is still a superb Eurodance artist which started up her career in 1993. She is still going strong.

She always delivers all of her energy to those that listen. It’s a positive energy that people should take to their hearts. Be nice to her because she have given millions of people a happier life with her uplifting music. Corona was formed by Brazilian-born singer and model Olga Maria de Souza and producer Francesco “Checco” Bontempi (a.k.a. Lee Marrow).

This amazing charming and sexy singer found commercial success with their worldwide hits “The Rhythm of the Night” (1993) and “Baby Baby” (1995). After the second album, Francesco “Checco” Bontempi left the band and was replaced by Francesco Conte and Paolo Dughero.

Try Me Out is not her biggest hit but it is still remembered worldwide. Maybe this Coronavirus media worldwide attack is a gift for the Eurodance genre which deserves to be revived. People need to get the uplifting feeling back again.

Try Me Out by Corona got released in 1995

This song was released back in 1995. It managed to hit 2nd place in Italy. In Australia, as shown in the picture above, this tune even got a Gold medal which is pretty awesome. A very powerful tune that is the real virus killer. The more your body feels uplifting and positive, the less it gets sick. So Eurodance is for sure a virus killer for people feeling down.

Get on the floor, put your headset on or just pump up the volume. Because Try Me Out by Corona is a fantastic song. Let this tune cure-all tears and stress away. Music with the right beats and synths heals and that’s the power of Eurodance. Be free and move that body! Get crazy on the floor or just make yourself stress down.

Try Me Out is an Excellent tune for an excellent time healing yourself. It’s a fact.

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